Love Drunks The Love Drunks

Cheap, upbeat and full of sexy swagger, the Love Drunks deliver a sound akin to the country punk of Agriculture Club without so many tractor references or Now I Got Worry-era Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. They crank their fuzzy-not-distorted guitars, hootin’ and hollerin’ as if the Devil Himself was on their trail, ready to dump Robert Johnson and suck these goons up in his place. It’s sweaty juke joint rock for our generation that carries over incredibly well; the kind of stuff you shuffle and whip your head around to as if you were in some sort of hair care product commercial. One might erroneously slip this band in amongst the White Stripes-ish new rock but with keen ears, a decidedly deeper interest in Southern-fried gospel, country, slinky ’60s garage like the Mummies and bouncy rockabilly sans pompadours comes out. With a style so specifically twang though, they do wear thin after a half-dozen tracks, but in comparison to the two or three decent tunes most bands squeak out, they’re certainly on a good path. (Alive!)