Louis XIV The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

While preparing for their upcoming tour with the Futureheads and Hot Hot Heat, San Diego’s Louis XIV have also been busy releasing records, with the Illegal Tender EP back in January and now their debut album proper (a limited self-released, self-titled, vinyl-only record surfaced in 2004), The Best Little Secrets Are Kept. There’s an immediate list of influences plaguing the mind that are hard to avoid just from the first song alone — aptly named after themselves (inane narcissism is a strength of theirs). There’s a bit of Iggy Pop’s wild child demeanour and Mark E. Smith’s lyrical brogue in singer Jason Hill, but the most overwhelming influence on the band is T-Rex and Marc Bolan, whose unmistakable riffs, patented hand claps, booming arena-sized drums and kitty screams are all over the place. Whether they know it or not, Louis XIV have attempted to revive glam rock with their hero worship of Bolan and even Bowie, on the Ziggy-esque "All the Pieces.” And while such a revival could be something of wonderment (if done properly and with the right amount of glitter), the band tend to ruin things with their self-absorbed and obtuse lyrics. Interpol fans will definitely understand this band. (Warner)