Louis Logic Sin-A-Matic

The first impression while listening to Louis Logic’s Sin-A-Matic might be to dismiss the Demigodz affiliate MC with being focused on pure shock value. After all, the disturbing roll-call of social deviance on "Freak Show” and his update of his alcoholic adventures on "Dos Factotum” do little to dissuade this idea. However, Louis Logic proves himself to be more than a wayward hedonist, delivering clever conceptual rhymes, taut delivery and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour. All these qualities converge on the tracks "Best Friends” with upcoming MC Apathy and the following "Revenge!!!” which details the unravelling of a friendship precipitated by the two MCs fighting over Louis Logic’s girlfriend. The concept’s definitely not original, but Louis Logic raises the consequences of each action to such absurdist levels it’s hard not to appreciate. He also acts out malicious work fantasies on "Postal” and assumes the personas of critics who have reviewed his work on "Fairweather Fan.” The most controversial conceptual track however is "The Ugly Truth,” which sets out to offend everyone who isn’t of white European descent or straight, yet ends with a twist to make it a damning indictment of ultra-right wing politics. The concepts are broken up with fierce no main topic lyrical displays like "Diablos,” a venomous collabo with the imposing Celph Titled who provides some choice beats. There’s also some able assistance from the Molemen among others and while the production occasionally falters, Louis Logic’s twisted persona overcomes it all to deliver an impressive record. (Solid)