Lou Reed's Got A Crush On Holy Fuck

Lou Reed's Got A Crush On Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck must be feeling pretty good these days. Along with being former Exclaim! cover stars, the Toronto outfit have been nominated for a Juno, welcomed to Glastonbury and played Rachael Ray’s SXSW party. (Actually, who knows how proud they are of the Ray thing.)

Well, to add to the list of recent good times, comes a new honour: Mr. Velvet Underground himself, Lou Reed, has called Holy Fuck his favourite act at this year’s South by Southwest.

"A reporter from Maclean’s introduced himself and asked me if I knew about the Lou Reed thing,” said Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt to CBC Radio 3. "He thought that my blank expression was a clever attempt to egg him on. But really, I just had no idea what he was talking about. When it finally sank in I laughed. I mean, I giggled childishly.

"I think we all feel overwhelmed. It’s nice to have recognition come from artists we admire. But in the end, we have to keep a level head about it. We do this music for our own enjoyment. It probably wouldn’t help for us to get too caught up in various accolades or criticisms.”

In other Holy Fuck news, on Wednesday, the band’s new "Lovely Allen” single from last’s year’s full-length, Young Turks, went up for sale via the group’s MySpace. It’s not in stores for another month, so if you need another Fuck fix now, break out that credit card for this slab of vinyl (which features artwork that looks straight out of the climax of Daft Punk’s Electroma). Holy Fuck will also been hitting the UK with several live dates next month.

Here’s the "Lovely Allen” track listing:

1. Lovely Allen - Original
2. Riton Rerub
3. Minotaur Shock Broadmead Redevelopment Version
4. No Age Remix

1. Lovely Allen - Original
2. Super Inuit (Studio)

Holy Fuck "Lovely Allen” (Live at the Metro)