Lotus Plaza 'Overnight Motorcycle Music' (EP stream)

Lotus Plaza'Overnight Motorcycle Music' (EP stream)
After spending much of last year promoting Deerhunter's incredible Monomania LP, guitarist Lockett Pundt is getting back to his own business, having just offered up a pair of tracks from his Lotus Plaza project.

The two-song offering, which follows 2012's Spooky Action at a Distance, goes by the name Overnight Motorcycle Music, and is currently available as either a cassette or a digital download. In case you didn't want to wait for your chunk of plastic in the mail, you can check out the tracks in the players down below.

"Indian Paintbrush" is a hypnotic series of harmonized blips, steadily threading themselves together throughout the 13-minute-plus experiment as if pumped through a distant AM dial. "Gemini Pt. 1" doesn't quite hit the 10-minute mark, but the air sign-approving collusion of cloudy guitar drones will lift your spirits into the heavens all the same.

You can order the cassette via Geographic North or download the music through the players down below.