Lotus Eaters Wurmwulv

Lotus Eaters constitute this month’s addition to the ever-growing collection of Stephen O’Malley projects, though for the Sunn O))) front-man, Wurmwulv presents some of the least heavy recordings he’s put to tape in a long time. Ostensibly an underground supergroup rounded out by James Plotkin and Aaron Turner of Isis fame, Lotus Eaters have been together since 1999 and released a few limited edition CDRs, as well as the 2002 album Mind Control for Infants on Neurot. This gorgeously packaged new set features three untitled tracks, all of which hover around the 20-minute mark, and all of which are notable for their absence of guitar and feedback. The first track is an arrangement of hypnotic bells, which sounds eerily like a death procession. The second and third tracks offer long, dark ambient compositions more in line with Plotkin’s back catalogue. A worthy, if quiet, addition for any O’Malley completist, and fans of Plotkin’s idea of soundscapes would do well to seek it out. (Troubleman)