Lotic Power

Lotic Power
On their last EP, Agitations, Lotic moved away from the rhythmic, playful beats that defined the producer's early work, delving into fractured structures and barely-there melodies.
On their debut full-length, Lotic attempts to tighten that gap, releasing a batch of songs that seem unconcerned with classification or even signification. Over 11 tracks and 40 minutes, the Berlin-based musician seems sonically impulsive and guileless, freely melding sounds, structures and ideas, as "Hunted" finds slick R&B musings whispered under disintegrating thumps, while "Distribution of Care" sounds epic and deliberately wobbly at the same time.
But just when you've become contented with Lotic's brand of sound-blending, they drop a track like "Resilience," combining a jagged, difficult beat with an even more jagged, difficult melody while providing the listener with no real payoff other than a bent Broca's area. While the aptly-named "Fragility" seem to have no other purpose than to sound attractive and mysterious, "Nerve" follows it up with a warped hip-hop track that features a beat Kanye would murder for, while "Heart" takes a marching band rhythm and flips it into an unconventional ballad.
On Power, Lotic shows that there are no boundaries and no blueprint to their craft, both musically and conceptually. (Tri Angle)