Lost Patrol Creepy Cool

Picture, if you will, Björk doing a few numbers with the Ventures as the sun sets behind the tumbleweeds on the Arizona plane. That's right, there's a little bit of surf, a little bit of country and a little bit of weirdness all here in one complete package. This disc makes me smile because it's just so darn unusual. One minute you're back to the beach and the next you're at a '80s rock gig. They even do more gothic sounding number called "Voulez-Vous," thankfully not a cover of that particular Abba song. On this catchy one the surf guitars switch easily to an early post-punk sound, reverbed all to hell and sounding great. How they stirred all these elements together to get ten songs that are cohesive is beyond me, but they did, and bonus points also for the cowboy hats on the sleeve cover. (Independent)