Lost Lander Victoria Events Centre, Victoria, BC, September 13

Lost LanderVictoria Events Centre, Victoria, BC, September 13
An intimate crowd at the Victoria Events Centre welcomed Lost Lander on the first night of Rifflandia. The Portland quartet dove into "Her Name Is Fire," which lead guitarist John Gnorski's signalled the end of with a bout of roused clapping to lead into the next track.

Their mild demeanour quickly took a back seat to their overwhelming charisma and stage presence, as their short set embodied a melancholic eloquence. A bit of coaxing from keyboardist Sarah Fennell pulled the crowd from their seats and to the floor as she amusingly remarked it was only her second time in the city — the first trek across the border having happened years ago at the age of 19 in celebration of Canada's legal age.

The beautiful harmonizing between Fennell and lead vocalist Matt Sheehy certainly got the attention of the crowd, which thickened exponentially with Sheehy's crooning on single "Cold Feet."