Lost in the Trees Strip Down Their Sound for New Anti- LP

Lost in the Trees Strip Down Their Sound for New Anti- LP
The last couple of albums from Lost in the Trees found the North Carolina ensemble using baroque instrumentation to deal with personal loss, but they've reportedly changed their focus for their forthcoming LP. Past Life is out on February 18 through Anti-.

For this record, frontman Ari Picker scaled down the six-piece band to an electrified four-piece that emphasized rhythm and minimalism. They recorded with producer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Dirty Projectors, Atlas Sound), who helped the band hone their new stripped-down aesthetic.

A press release explains, "With an approach that forefronts beats and bass-lines, Vernhes and the band lifted away the orchestral density of previous albums — leaving a more direct framework of soul-inflected guitar lines, throbbing groove, and Picker's soaring vocal hooks."

That being said, the new material apparently isn't too much of an about-face from past works, since the sparser arrangements highlight Picker's voice and folksy pop melodies.

Below, watch a shadowy lyric video for the tunefully chiming "Rites" [via Rolling Stone].

This is the follow-up to 2012's A Church That Fits Our Needs.