Loscil Teams Up with Bvdub for Collaborative Release

Loscil Teams Up with Bvdub for Collaborative Release
Despite the relaxed, atmospheric nature of his music, Vancouver ambient musician Loscil is never one to slow his roll. Having already re-released City Hospital earlier this year, the performer born Scott Morgan is now teaming up with U.S. experimenter Bvdub (a.k.a. Brock Van Wey), who is no stranger to output himself, with 20 albums to his name (seven of which came out in 2011 alone).

The new collaborative release is called Erebus and sees the two teaming up for five new compositions. The press sheet is slim on details but it does share this excerpt from Milton's Paradise Lost:

Beyond this flood a frozen continent
Lies dark and wilde, beat with perpetual storms
Of whirlwind and dire hail, which on firm land
Thaws not, but gathers heap, and ruin seems
Of ancient pile; all else deep snow and ice....

Erebus will be available on October 10 via the Glacial Movements imprint. The tracklisting is available below, where you can also sample the release via Bandcamp.


1. Aether
2. Hespiredes
3. Hypnos
4. Moirai
5. Thanatos