Loscil Brings Out Dan Bejar's Inner Spoken Word on New LP

Loscil Brings Out Dan Bejar's Inner Spoken Word on New LP
When Scott Morgan isn't playing drums for Vancouver, BC's much-loved Destroyer, he records ambient electronic music under the alias Loscil. Since 1999, he has released four full-length albums, plus a handful of EPs and one-offs. His fifth album, Endless Falls, is due out on March 1 via Kranky.

Like his previous releases, the album will be primarily made up of found sounds, along with moody drones and electronic textures. However, marking a first for a Loscil album, it will also features vocals, as Destroyer front-man Dan Bejar contributes a spoken word monologue to album closer "The Making of Grief Point." A nine-minute wash of tones and electronic noise, Bejar waxes philosophical about the creation of music, murmuring such lines as, "I have lost interest in music. It is horrible."

In a press release about the collaboration, Morgan said, "Dan felt out of his element doing 'spoken word' but rose to the challenge. I felt self-conscious about changing the listening perspective from abstract, ambient music into foreground, conscious listening."

Once it was finished, however, Morgan began to appreciate it, enthusing, "I love Dan's use of words, his vocal rhythms and the intimate intensity of his voice."

Former Carl Newman collaborator Jason Zumpano will also lend his piano talents to the album, which features Kim Koch (violin) and Robert Sparks (bass recorder) as well. The cover photo (see above) was taken by Morgan's four-year-old daughter Sadie.

The album will be released on CD and double vinyl, with two extra tracks appearing on the vinyl version.

Endless Falls:

1. "Endless Falls"
2. "Estuarine"
3. "Shallow Water Blackout"
4. "Dub for Cascadia"
5. "Fern and Robin"
6. "Lake Orchard"
7. "Showers of Ink"
8. "Graupel" *
9. "Kinematics" *
10. "The Making of Grief Point"

* vinyl only