Los Straitjackets Tweet Party

This original garage/surf/wrestling mask-clad outfit have been churning out undeniably hooky twists and twangs for almost 20 years. Yet despite the sameness of each release — it’s hard to reinvent Deadbolt reinventing the Ventures — the enthusiasm and vivacity they bring with them on these 16 tracks is enduring. All of the usual inspiration is here, from the ’60s kitsch to the Mexican allusions and lighthearted atmosphere. In general, Tweet Party’s tunes are short bursts (around two minutes apiece) of the very slinky drum beats, wrangling guitars and undemanding bass lines one might find scoring, say, a Russ Meyer film or documentary about the origins of Spanish Conquistador wrestling. Joined this time around by the Pontani Sisters for some solid dance lessons and Scottish rockabilly king Kaiser George, the festival that is Tweet Party feels timeless, effortless and endless. (Yep Roc)