Los Mocosos American Us

San Francisco’s own Los Mocosos are one of those multitalented, multicultural, multifaceted, funk-jazz-soul-ska-groups. American Us is their third major label release, and their second on Six Degrees. Los Mocosos have that West coast brown power vibe that is reminiscent of groups like War or even early Santana. Throw in a little bit of hip-hop and ska to the mix, and you have the sound that they have shaped into American Us, from fist-pounding cultural pride tracks, to laid-back love ballads. Los Mocosos maintain a clean sound through their diversity, being able to give proper homage to their obvious Latin rock idols while being able to flip it from rock to salsa to hip-hop without it feeling forced or even messy. American Us is supposed to be a reflection of the melting pot that is San Francisco. There is a great sense of community in the record, check out the liner notes so you can see the entire group along with their extended family in one big photo. American Us is a great diverse record that helps promote unity amongst communities and cultures while keeping the groove going for the dance floor. (Six Degrees)