Los Campesinos! Finish Recording Fourth LP

Los Campesinos! Finish Recording Fourth LP
The last time we heard from spritely Welsh outfit Los Campesinos!, they were busy working on the first issue of their new zine, Heat Rash. While a subscription to the publication comes with some MP3s and seven-inches of new tunes, many were still hoping the band would deliver a proper full-length sooner than later. Thankfully, the time has come: Los Campesinos! have just finished their fourth album.

Over the past couple of weeks, band member Gareth Campesinos has been updating the group's blog with info on their latest recording session. Along with producer John Goodmanson, who was at the helm for last year's Romance Is Boring, the indie poppers took to Spain to record their peppy tunes. For the record, Gareth thinks this latest batch of tunes are keepers.

"It's fair to say we are all proud and excited with the results of our last month's endeavours," he wrote. "I can honestly say the band has never been as close knit and united as we are right now, and I have never enjoyed my band mates' company (and John Goodmanson of course) as much as this. I think this, our fourth album, is going to display the confidence we now have, and we're pretty much willing to take on the world."

Not much else is known about the new set, but the band promise all will be revealed in the near future.

"All I can say on this is 'please be patient,'" Gareth added. "We've still to mix the record, master it, do artwork, decide on final tracklisting (we've recorded more songs than we think we need). I assure you the record will be with you this year though."

In the meantime, if you have a subscription to Heat Rash, you will be glad to know that the band are just starting to put issue No. 2 together as well.

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