Slumberland Act Lorelei to Deliver First New Album in 17 Years

Slumberland Act Lorelei to Deliver First New Album in 17 Years
Lorelei may not be one of the most iconic outfits to release music through the venerable Slumberland imprint in the '90s, but the DC group's old dream pop tunes still fit in nicely on a themed playlist between Velocity Girl and the Lilys. Now, 17 years after issuing their last album, Everyone Must Touch the Stove, the group are back with a follow-up, Enterprising Sidewalks.

The album arrives August 14 via Slumberland, and it apparently picks up where the trio left off in the '90s, "serving up ten gorgeously complex exercises in pummelling rhythms and melodic abstraction" in the process, according to the press release.

Enterprising Sidewalks was recorded by Archie Moore (Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine) and Ben Bailes (Chessie) and mixed by Guy Fixsen (My Bloody Valentine, Laika), and said to feature tuneful tracks like "Hammer Meets Tongs" and "Sorry for The Patience" that deliver "rhythmic twists and melodic intrigue."

You can check out the ornate, opening jangler "Hammer Meets Tongs," which drops a reference to the album in its second verse, in the stream down below.

Lorelei are playing a handful of U.S. dates in support of the new album, and you can see the detailed schedule down below.

Enterprising Sidewalks:

1. Hammer Meets Tongs
2. Majority Stakes
3. Wound Up
4. Let Go Of Our Ego
5. Three Interlocking Screens
6. Outside Through The Keyhole
7. Dismissal Conversation
8.  Hole Punch
9.  Sorry For The Patience
10. Measured In Fingers

Tour dates:

6/22 Sacramento, CA  - The Townhouse

6/23 San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern

6/24 Los Angeles, CA  - The Echoplex

6/25 San Diego, CA - Soda Bar

7/19 Brooklyn, NY Glasslands

9/23 Rockville, MD - Mansion at Strathmore