Lord Cyrus Presents Diamonds R 4ever

"I get my laugh on to see my face on LPs,” raps Lord Cyrus, "I’ve seen everybody taking up space but me.” Now, Lord Cyrus finally gets the chance to see his face on an album. But mostly it’s the face of his daughter, Diamond Lyde, that graces the cover of Diamonds R 4ever, benefit album to help Diamond, who suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, to get the operation she needs. The title track, "Diamonds Are 4ever,” is a very personal look at Cyrus’s relationship with his daughter and her problem. It’s just too bad there aren’t more songs about Diamond. Instead, Lord Cyrus demonstrates his formidable lyrical skills over Craig Rip’s boom-bap production. However, the best beat comes from E.J. with "Supreme Human Being,” a mellow track that brings together church bells, ethnic singing and the tambourine — and a guest appearance from Royal Flush. Muneshine also contributes with the piano-heavy "Animal Magnetism.” Cyrus collaborates with the likes of Braille, Cadence (of Raw Produce) and Skavenjah, on a few tracks, but is never outshined. Which brings us to the "Presents” in the title. Diamonds R 4ever is technically a compilation, although it could just as easily be Cyrus’s debut album by only removing five of the album’s 18 tracks. Of these five tracks that have someone other than Cyrus on vocals, the best is MF Grimm’s previously released "Howl.” "The Break Off” from Doujah Raze featuring Thad Reid and Optical, and the Bomm Sheltah’s "Chew Onat Clit” featuring D.A. Barockus, are also good compilation tracks. Plus, there’s a couple of DJ tracks. A fine cause, a fine "compilation” and a fine way to spend your money. (DDAM)