Loop Reissue First Two Albums

Loop Reissue First Two Albums
Following the recent string of reissues by shoegazers such as Slowdive, Swervedriver and any day now, My Bloody Valentine, the somewhat forgotten and often underrated Loop have announced details regarding some remastered editions of their long-out-of-print back catalogue.

According to the band's official page, HeavensEnd.org, the two-year effort to get the reissues compiled and released will finally be fulfilled on November 17. The Reactor label will release remastered and expanded versions of the band's 1987 debut, Heaven's End, and its 1989 follow-up, Fade Out. (The 1988 compilation, The World in Your Eyes, will follow at a later date.) Each of the CDs will be packaged in a replica mini vinyl card sleeve with reproductions of the original artwork that have been slightly modified to fit the gatefold format.

As for the extras, both albums will be double-disc affairs with remastered versions of the original LP on the first disc, and Peel Sessions and rare archive material filling up a second disc.

Through a bunch of updates, the members of the band shed more light on what will be included: There is not a great wealth of outtakes or different versions but we will strive to get everything we can find that warrants inclusion, all remastered from the original sources...

All due care has been taken to release everything that is available to us in some chronological order, sadly a couple of tapes have been too badly damaged or lost to make a complete edition, but these will be the definitive editions... there won't be any 'special editions' to rip you off with, that's a promise. As for vinyl, it is planned to do a limited run of 180g pressings, but these will only be repros of the original LPs without the bonus material. The bonus material will only be available on the compact disc issues and not for digital downloads, mainly because of the costs of having to pay ungodly rates on the Peel Sessions. So, the compact disc issues will be unique in their own right.

As for the band's third album, A Gilded Eternity, the band gave a statement saying, "The rights to the Beggar's Banquet material will not revert back for some considerable time, but maybe we'll work something out... For the time being, the best will be done on what is owned."


Heaven's End:

1. "Soundhead"
2. Straight To Your Heart
3. Forever
4. Heaven's End
5. Too Real To Feel
6. Fix To Fall
7. Head On
8. Carry Me

1. Rocket USA
2. Soundhead (1st Mix)
3. Head On (1st Mix)
Peel Session 1
4. Soundhead
5. Straight To Your Heart
6. Rocket USA

Fade Out:

1. Black Sun
2. This Is Where You End
3. Fever Knife
4. Torched
5. Fade Out
6. Pulse
7. A Vision Stain
8. Got To Get It Over

1. Black Sun (Feedback)
2. Torched (1st Mix)
3. Got To Get It Over (1st Mix)
4. This Is Where You End (House In The Woods Demo Mix no. 7)
Peel Session 2
5. Pulse
6. This Is Where You End
7. Collision
Fade Out Guitar Loops (House In The Woods Recording June 88)

Loop "Collisison"