Long Blondes Prep Singles Compilation

Long Blondes Prep <i>Singles</i> Compilation
Sheffield glam popsters the Long Blondes have announced they are releasing a compilation of their early seven-inch singles. On October 20, the plainly titled Singles will drop via the Angular Recording Corporation and will package up the group’s first four singles, which have long been out-of-print and out of reach.

The 12-track collection will also come boasting a different version of "Separated by Motorways,” opting to include the demo version instead of the original vinyl cut. And for fans who already hold all the Long Blondes singles in their collection, the comp slips in two unreleased numbers: "Peterborough” and "Autonomy.”

Here is the tracklisting for Singles, which for the time being seems to be import-only:

1. "New Idols”
2. "Long Blonde”
3. "Autonomy Boy”
4. "Giddy Stratospheres”
5. "Polly”
6. "Darts”
7. "Appropriation (By Any Other Name)”
8. "My Heart Is Out Of Bounds”
9. "Lust In The Movies”
10. "Separated By Motorways” (alternative version)
11. "Big Infatuation”
12. "Peterborough”

The Long Blondes "Giddy Stratospheres”