The Lonesome Weekends Songs for Lonesome Weekends

I have a question for anybody who listens to the Lonesome Weekend's debut album: how could you not like this? Even their CD jacket was printed on recycled paper. But, seriously, as far as albums filled with tightly produced, carefully crafted, harmonious and masterful alt-country songs are concerned, this one belongs on the top shelf with other alt-gold that has come from Canada in the past five years (think Deep Dark Woods and the Wooden Sky). "Friend Running West" is a gem, the chorus filled with open concept harmonies and lilting, optimistic nostalgia ― three words that I would use to describe the mood of every single track here. Marshall Burns (of Rah Rah fame) is one of the trio of songwriters that make up the Lonesome Weekend and his whimsical approach to lyricism shows. Go ahead and pick this up; it is a great last minute addition to the 2011 year in music. (13th Ave.)