The Lonely Island "I Just Had Sex" (ft. Akon)

The Lonely Island 'I Just Had Sex' (ft. Akon)
Jokey kings of simply stated pop rap the Lonely Island return with another one-track-mind number called "I Just Had Sex" and, well, can you guess what it's about?

Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone deliver some wide-eyed verses about how god damn great it feels to do it before Akon sidles in with a salaciously crooned, "A woman let me put my penis inside of her." Everyone involved seems to feel both extremely stoked and surprised to have gotten lucky with a lady. Taccone even has to tell his parents about his naughty nights.

The track, which will pop up on a new album sometime next year, has an airy, uplifting R&B vibe to it, but by song's end, the troupe get super-silly. We're kind of creeped out that Samberg wants to pump up a pile of manure though.