(Lone) Wolf and Cub May You Only See Sky

True to the nature of any trans-national media conglomerate, Hewhocorrupts Inc., the industry venture of the band that goes by the same name (unincorporated, for now), is looking to increase its market share and take over the DIY world, business styles. (Lone) Wolf and Cub contrast a metalcore take on all things harmonised and Swedish, incorporating the mighty melodicisms of bands like At the Gates with elements of "techs-pertise” and "moshtastic” breakdowns continuously making appearances. There are also slight undertones of Drowning Man and screamo-inspired rage, giving what could have been very boring mimicry a modern edge. While the music is purely metal, the vocals lend themselves to an older hardcore interpretation, choosing the higher pitched end of the spectrum, with the occasional low accenting growl, for the delivery. Their strength lies in this ability to combine a variety of influences without sounding out of place or contrived. If this is what we can expect from expanding corporate hegemony, maybe there is still hope for ruthless, cutthroat capitalism. (Entertainment Studios/Starz Home)