London Philharmonic Orchestra The Greatest Video Games Music

The popularity of orchestras performing music from videogames has reached the point where even the London Philharmonic Orchestra is jumping onboard. Not only have they performed a series of concerts, they've also recorded the obligatory CD, for those looking to add some class to their gaming. The Greatest Video Games Music doesn't live up to its title due to some peculiar selections, such as Advent Rising, but it's the most diverse collection of game music to date. The Orchestra add an epic air to pieces of music that don't require, or deserve, it ― the theme to Angry Birds is rendered unrecognisable when moved into the realm of actual speakers, whereas Tetris is turned into a playful suite of tunes with a suitable Soviet-esque air. There are the usual iconic pieces ― both Mario and Zelda make appear ― but most of the rest of it sounds like generic, albeit well orchestrated, movie soundtracks, which are agreeably performed. This is definitely a niche album. (X5)