LOM Love of Music

LOM's Love of Music is probably not the worst album in the history of popular music. In fact, in some ways, the album is quite impressive. It's impressive that a group can blend hip-hop with rock, electro and R&B and be equally bad at each of them. It's impressive that Tha Realist (the duo's MC and vocalist) is just as bad at singing as he is at rapping. Most of all, it's impressive that, after listening to their album, the gentlemen from LOM had the audacity to unleash this terrible mix of sub-par raps, awkward fusion beats and tired lyrical themes on an unsuspecting public. "Loose Control" is a misguided stab at rock rap that makes Lil Wayne's "Prom Queen" seem like Public Enemy and Anthrax. "She's Fire" is a cookie cutter strip club joint. "Bad Decisions," a tale of drunken misadventure, is the lone bright spot on the album, and it's not even that great. It just sounds good in comparison to the rest of the record. There's really nothing to defend here. This is a straight-up bad album. (Yuco)