Lollapalooza Biting Attacker Apprehended, Charged

Lollapalooza Biting Attacker Apprehended, Charged
The world is just a little safer for concert-goers, since the man responsible for the biting attack earlier this month during Lollapalooza has been apprehended and charged.

The accused attacker in question is 33-year-old Sergio Vicenteno (pictured above). He has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery after his attack against 29-year-old Ben Lenet, who was watching Arctic Monkeys at the Chicago festival on August 1.

Soon after the assault, Lenet posted his account on Reddit in the hopes that someone could help him identify the culprit. Lenet wrote that the man attacked his friend without provocation and, when Lenet intervened, the man bit his arm for around five seconds. "He's not nipping at me," he wrote. "He's trying to bite through my arm."

Lenet and his friends repeatedly hit the man, who attempted to bite another victim and then walked away as if unharmed. Lenet went to the hospital where he was given shots and antibiotics and warned that he was at risk for hepatitis and HIV. The attacker has been referred to as a "zombie" in the press. A photo of Lenet's injury can be seen here, although viewers should proceed with caution since it's a bit gruesome.

Red Eye reports that Vicenteno is being held in lieu of a $60,000 bond.

This biting attack came just a few days before a man's finger was bitten off at a Jay Z and Beyoncé concert.