Lolita Storm Sick Slits

Two things about these two releases are made painfully obvious. Both these bands are electronica based, all-female units. Both bands highlight just how lifeless the once dangerous and vital digital hardcore world has become. Lolita Storm is at least catchy in some spots, as they sound like a bunch of naughty British pre-teen schoolgirls belting out sing-along playground insults over a din of badly programmed beats and noises. It's pretty bad, but pretty funny in spots. Chicks On Speed would have you believe they're a real "band," but are so unbelievably mundane that I actually feel sorry for them and I'm pretty heartless to begin with. There's no rhyme or reason to what these three ladies are doing, or why they exist as a band. But, unfortunately for us, they do. These two releases also highlight the inequality that exists in the music business. No musical collective of men could sound this bad and not get attacked by angry, broken bottle wielding punters after a gig while their recorded works burn in an angry nearby bonfire. Yet, the press releases provided are fraught with endless gushing over what are, in all honesty, two really shitty bands (Digital Hardcore)