Logh A Sunset Panorama

Most likely sick of those bands who work tirelessly away, perfecting their latest opus to some intangible threshold of quality, Sweden’s Logh have made a bold statement by recording their latest album in just ten hours. While this may be the most economic of albums they’ll put out, it’s also a well known fact that economy and art have less than fruitful relationships. Luckily, A Sunset Panorama actually sidesteps any kind of sloppy urgency and takes its time, giving up a surprisingly structured and affecting sound. Moving from the indie sounding "Destiny Manifesto” to the delicate, country-tinged "The Big Sleep,” there is enough variety and slow build-ups to get your money out of this one. Also, just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they pull out a track like "Track Back the Particle Track,” where they punch out some shoegazer guitars and indifferent vocals, only to change the tempo and style back to a more laidback feeling. Although not the most important and grabbing record, it will still boggle the mind that those ten hours could get you this result in today’s morass of music. (Bad Taste)