Loden "An Evening with Open Mike Eagle" (video)

Loden 'An Evening with Open Mike Eagle' (video)
Recent times have been something else for Brussels producer Jolan Koks, who is set to release his new record as Loden, The Star Eyed Condition, on August 20. As Loden gears up for The Star Eyed Condition, his fourth album and second for Circle Into Square, he's shared the video for the album's second single, "An Evening with Open Mike Eagle."

It's kind of a party video, showing the preparation and execution of a night out in Los Angeles from the perspective of a young man with a James Dean look. There is a sense of metropolitan isolation in the kid's pensive looks as he stares off into space, contrasted by scenes of camaraderie on the streets and dancefloor.

The track is a slice of hip-house with bits of side-chain compressed lead, electric guitar, Four Tet-like thumb piano, a violin hook, and trumpet outro framing Open Mike Eagle's art-rap flow, seemingly reflecting the melting pot of urban sprawl within which the video is set.

Watch the video below.