Loden Buggy

At some point in the five years since Jolan Koks released his debut album as Loden, the Brussels producer clearly reached the next level. His sophomore release, and first for the dependable Mush Records, Buggy features quirky downtempo bumps that are every bit as ethereal as Boom Bip, warmly produced breaks as intelligent as Luke Vibert and pulsating house as funky as Eliot Lipp, which can all be heard in just the first three tracks. Further, the hip-hop beat and vocal micro-edits in "Freik" recall early Prefuse 73. The names mentioned aren't mere references, as Loden's tracks now possess a sophistication only hinted at on simplistic 2003 EP All That's Left Is Right and 2005's comparatively messy Valeen Hope, placing his work amongst equals rather than aspirations. There is a sense of maturity in his sound that only happens with hard work, making it almost too easy to like Buggy. (Mush)