Lo Recordings Assembles Milky Disco 3 for Summer Release

Lo Recordings Assembles <i>Milky Disco 3</i> for Summer Release
Electronic label Lo Recordings has announced the impending release of the next in its always-great Milky Disco series, this time sub-titled to.the.stars.

As Resident Advisor points out, the collection will represent the fourth instalment in the series of modern disco tracks that fall under the sub-genre of cosmic disco or nu-disco, or whatever you feel like pegging. Following the releases of Milky Disco 1, 1.5 and 2: Let's Go Freak Out! in 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively, Milky Disco 3: to.the.stars. will feature a number of the series's usual guests, including Hatchback, Black Mustang and Black Devil Disco Club, but will also star a number of newcomers.

The second disc will be mixed by Lo Recordings artist Jon Tye (sometimes referred to as Milky Globe); the first will include a number of the unmixed, original versions of many of the same songs.

The compilation is due July 5 in the UK. No release date for North America has been scheduled, although oddly, online retailer Amazon.com says the compilation will be available digitally June 7. Go figure.

Milky Disco 3: to.the.stars.:

CD 1
1. Leo Zero - "Carbon Cave"
2. Ghostape - "I Feel Your Soul"
3. Jonny Nash - "Metabolic"
4. Hatchback - "Comets (the Beat Broker's Colors of the Club Mix)"
5. Ichisan - "Space Patrol"
6. Soft Rocks - "Bobby's Revenge"
7. Telespazio - "Closer Space"
8. Brassica - "Made Up My Mind"
9. Black Devil Disco Club - "For Hoped (Dub)"
10. COS/MES - "Iron Deck"
11. Moscow - "Deep Heat"
12. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Astral Project T.I.N.A."

CD 2 - Mixed by Jon Tye
1. Telespazio - "Closer Space"
2. Jonny Nash - "Metabolic"
3. In Flagranti - "Preceding Stairs"
4. Soft Rocks - "Bobby's Revenge"
5. NDV - "Touchy Philly"
6. Coyote - "Cactus"
7. Black Devil Disco Club - "For Hoped (Dub)"
8. Ichisan - "Space Patrol"
9. Weirdo Police - "Missed Wish"
10. Hatchback - "Comets (the Beat Broker's Colors of the Club Mix)"
11. Ghostape - "I Feel Your Soul"
12. Leo Zero - "Carbon Cave"
13. COS/MES - "Iron Deck"
14. The Flying Sapphire - "Behemoth (Maelstrom Acid Dub)"
15. Moscow - "Deep Heat"
16. Black Mustang - "Blackout Part 2"
17. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Japan Display"