LNRDCROY Returns with 'Ooze City' for Mood Hut

LNRDCROY Returns with 'Ooze City' for Mood Hut
Since Leon Campbell released his beloved Much Less Normal album as LNRDCROY way back in 2014, new releases from the Vancouver producer have been few and far between. But following a 10-inch last year, Campbell is once again making his return to the physical realm.

Come late June, Mood Hut is set to release a new LNRDCROY 12-inch called Ooze City, Juno Plus reports.

The release will house three tracks. Along with the title track on the A-side, the flip will include the very Vancouver-appropriate "Aquabus (Plaza of Nations Dub)" and a song called "Kali Yuga."

For an idea of what to expect for the new 12-inch, you can stream the pulsing "Ooze City" below.

Ooze City:

A1. Ooze City
B1. Aquabus (Plaza of Nations Dub)
B2. Kali Yuga