LMNO P's & Q's

This is truly a concept album. With song titles like "God Bless,” "Only God Knows” and "G.O.D.” we get the idea pretty quickly that the whole album is about, you guessed it, God. You can tell that LMNO’s faith and being a Christian is very important to him but 16 songs of the same topic might be a little hard to swallow for your average sinner. He even states on "Industry Revival” that, "To some I’m not Christian enough/To others I’m too Christian/I say God too much.” Well, after listening to this album, no one is ever going to say that LMNO is not Christian enough again! Even his record label is called Up Above Records. Okay, we get it, you like God and positivity in hip-hop is a great thing, but so is diversity. The one thing you can say about LMNO without any debate is that his voice sounds great and his flows are unlike that of no other. If you have a hard time getting past the subject matter, at the least it goes down a little easier with a delivery that’s a cut above a lot of emcees in the game. Production wise this album ranks in on the mediocre-tip with the exception of "G.O.D.” with its classical flutes and haunting vocals in the chorus. But again, with such great production we’re left with LMNO saying to himself in the chorus, "You preach about God too much in your rhymes.” Fans of LMNO and the Visionaries might be alright with P’s & Q’s because they’ve heard this kind of stuff before, but the rest of us might be wondering why he just isn’t listening to his own advice. (Up Above)