Lizzi Bougatsos & Josh Diamond "Holiday (Dope Xxxmas)"

Lizzi Bougatsos & Josh Diamond 'Holiday (Dope Xxxmas)'
Eclectic Brooklyn art weirdoes Gang Gang Dance have delivered some pretty messed-up world-disco jams in the past, but the band's Lizzi Bougatsos and Josh Diamond have whipped up the ultimate yuletide head-scratcher with "Holiday (Dope Xxxmas)."

Sounding like she drank deep while swimming in a vat of Absolut-soaked eggnog, Bougatsos slurs sultry missives to a bad Santa, offers to get him a plate of food and then suggests carrying a solitary hundo wrapped around a wad of toilet paper to appear truly ballin'. Oh, and the whole thing is scored by sex-synths more suitable for a gauzy '80s softcore skin flick than your festive family sing-along. We're going to add this one to our "naughty" Christmas playlist.

You can download the cut, oddly enough commissioned by Calvin Klein, here.