Liz Stringer

All The Bridges

Liz StringerAll The Bridges
A well-known singer/songwriter in her Australian homeland, Liz Stringer seems poised to make her first real impact in North America with this, her fifth studio album.
All The Bridges blows in like a gust of fresh antipodean air, revealing a vibrant and assured talent. Much of the album falls on the rock side of the folk-rock spectrum, given its vigorous electric guitars and Stringer's strong and husky vocals, which have often drawn comparisons to Chrissie Hynde, and evoke her strongly on opening track "Anyone." "If You Mean It" has a country tinge courtesy of steel guitar, and shows she can deliver a ballad with soul and finesse. Stringer also digs deep on another album highlight, "Live On Love," a tune boasting such powerfully poetic lines as "When the treachery of earning is your mistress, and her tits are hanging teasing out of reach."
She ventured across the Pacific to record in Portland with noted producer Adam Selzer (Fleet Foxes, the Decemberists, M. Ward), a move that clearly paid off. She's now touring Canada for the first time, and one gets the sense this material will work great live, too. (Roaring Girl)
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