Liz Phair Composing for New 90210 Series

Liz Phair Composing for New <i>90210</i> Series
At Exclaim!, we like to keep our coverage broad, so broad in fact that we sat one of our editors in front of the idiot box to get a reading on the new 90210 series. At the end of the show (which we think he secretly loved), he came back with reports of noticing Liz Phair’s name in the credits. Initially we wrote the whole thing off as "his eyes must be playing tricks on him” but it turns out we should have listened.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the Chicago Tribune and several other publications, the ’90s indie icon turned mainstream popster is indeed one of the three composers behind the score of the new 90210. Wow, holy ’90s revival trip.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Phair has dabbled in the realm of TV either. Pitchfork says she’s also scoring the CBS show Swingtown.

Now whether you think Phair working on 90210 is cool or not is up to you. But there’s no denying her new promo video about her cutting ties with the Matrix is definitely uncool. If you want to hold on to some respect of Phair, we strongly advise you don’t watch this.