Living with Lions' 'Holy Shit' Controversy, Tyler, the Creator vs. Sara Quin and the Wolf Parade Crew Return to Action in Our News Roundup

Living with Lions' 'Holy Shit' Controversy, Tyler, the Creator vs. Sara Quin and the Wolf Parade Crew Return to Action in Our News Roundup
Well, Canada, you've just earned yourself a long weekend. Congrats! We're sure many of you are braving over-crowded roadways and campgrounds, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't catch up on this week's music news. So come have a look at just a few of the stories that graced our headlines this week.

First off, Vancouver pop punkers Living with Lions found themselves in the midst of controversy this week over the artwork of their new album Holy Shit, even drawing the ire of the Canadian heritage minister. The reason? Well, it all has to do with the seemingly Christian-bashing artwork. The whole thing is getting taken so seriously, in fact, that FACTOR, which helped fund the album, was forced to release a statement about the controversy, and D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley went so far as to suggest that we can expect a lot more outcry over bands' artistic choices now that Canada has a Conservative majority. He even questioned the future of FACTOR altogether.

In some more positive Canadian music news, it was a big week for Wolf Parade fans. First, Vancouver found out the band would be playing a one-off show and then we got word of a full-on North American tour from offshoot Handsome Furs, who also revealed one seriously risque and NSFW album cover for their upcoming Sound Kapital. On top of all that, Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug announced the details for his first LP as Moonface.

Then we had news of Drake pairing up with the Weeknd in the studio (and the Weeknd prepping two more mixtapes for 2011), the World Electronic Music Festival returning to Southern Ontario, Chad VanGaalen explaining the meaning behind that Diaper Island album title and Mark Sultan sharing his plans for two new solo LPs and the future of King Khan & the BBQ Show.

And then there's Odd Future. We started the week with Tegan and Sara's Sara Quin calling out Tyler, the Creator for his offensive lyrics, a move that was later echoed by GLAAD. Then there was finally a statement from the long M.I.A. Earl Sweatshirt. However, the legitimacy of that statement has since been called into question by the Odd Future camp. And somewhere in between we had Wavves hinting at an Odd Future collaboration and Frank Ocean getting a commercial release for his Nostalgia/Ultra on Def Jam. Oh, and there was that whole bottle-throwing incident in Detroit as well.

Last but not least, is Katy Perry actually scalping her own concert tickets?