Living Ornaments / Accelera Deck Narrominded Split LP Series

Narrominded label founders Lars Meyer and Coen Pollack start off their series of limited edition splits with a piece by their own duo, Living Ornaments, called "Ribbels.” Divided into 11 parts, the music features simple electric guitar and piano progressions given brusque electronic treatment only to emerge as iridescent caplets of sound. Not quite as densely compacted and transformed as "gold standard” works by Fennesz or Tim Hecker, certain parts still reach critical mass, and those that don’t clock in under two minutes and so are quickly gone. On the other side is Chris Jeely, aka Accelera Deck. His contribution, called "Spangle,” centres around a 12-minute, tidal track that glitters with granular shards of sound, swelling in intensity before subsiding to reveal its source: a slide acoustic guitar playing a simple Ry Cooder-ish Southern anthem. Effective as an introduction to lesser known Dutch electronic artists and pleasing to the magpie sound fans listening for bright objects in the air. (Narrominded)