Live Nation To Begin Selling Concert Tickets Through Blockbuster

Live Nation To Begin Selling Concert Tickets Through Blockbuster
If you've been begging to be able to rent Wall-E and pick up tickets to the Coldplay show all under the same roof, Blockbuster has heard your call. Thanks to a freshly inked deal with concert promoters Live Nation, the movie-rental giant has announced it will begin selling concert tickets next month at about 500 location in the U.S.

The move by Blockbuster comes as an effort to create a one-stop shop for entertainment and as Live Nation attempts to further sever ties with Ticketmaster, the Associated Press reports.

With most ticket buyers purchasing tickets online, Blockbuster is expected to account for less than ten percent of the more than ten million tickets Live Nation anticipates on selling in the U.S. next year. But still, Blockbuster hopes the new initiative helps bring more customers through the door.

"This is another step in the right direction," James Keyes, Blockbuster's chief executive, told AP. "It helps reinforce what Blockbuster really is trying to do - provide the most convenient access to entertainment and media."

Blockbuster also hopes to cash in on licensed merchandise connected to Live Nation performers and boost its CD sales, along with scooping up its share of the transaction fee on ticket sales.

AP reports recent diversification at Blockbuster, such as emphasizing more sales of movies, games and DVD players, has helped its dwindling financial situation this year, but the company is still losing money.

There is no word yet if Blockbusters in Canada will also begin selling concert tickets.

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