Live Action Fezz Saves the World

Ferenc Stenton is the most virtuosic keyboardist in town. He’s the front-man of Guelph super-group Green Go, a project he began while living in Brazil and named in reference to his gringo status in South American. He started out in live drum & bass-styled duo the Architect, now 1984. Live Action Fezz is his solo project and a most startling departure from either gig. He’s sincere about saving the world, a sentiment demonstrated here in his most mature and unique track to date, "Dreams.” It’s an uplifting number about the power of dreams to heel and lead, performed with the vocal mantra looped percussively over harmonies, tambourine and bass; it does lots with little and works brilliantly. This is a testament to how to save the world, not by using complex, expansive techniques but by starting at the bottom and building a solid foundation. (Independent)