The Little Ones "Lovers Who Uncover"

The Little Ones 'Lovers Who Uncover'
Indie rock isn’t often one to produce unforgettable list-topping singles. Let’s face it, bands are more centred on the full-length, and often leave the single up to those behind hook-filled hip-hop anthems, club bangers and disposable pop stars. But from out of nowhere (glamorous L.A., actually) in 2007 came the Little Ones with this consummate beaut, teaching no-strings-attached guitar-based music a thing or two with arguably the year’s sunniest moment. Flattering remixes by electro humping acts like CSS and Crystal Castles brought out new sides to the song, showing its notable elasticity, but nothing could quite match the original. The guitar riff is the true standout, forcing everything around it to listen and follow along: Edward Nolan Reyes’s warm, high register hits the melody spot on, while the chugging rhythm works as a proper mask and the keys subtly move in and out. The strength of the Little Ones, which was graffiti’d all over their Sing Song EP, is the four-piece’s ability to keep fun in perspective. Despite its reluctance to hit notes of gooey tenderness, "Lovers Who Uncover” doesn’t fall into a sappy slump, keeping its sparkling vibe going with rowdy group chants, unexpected backing stutters and what every perfect pop song has: timely handclaps.