Little Miss Moffat Oh, Come Off It!

Little Miss Moffat strikes me as that precocious 11-year-old girl next door. You know the one - cute, sunny, friendly and all that, but you know that one day she'll discover make-up, dumb magazines and boys, then she'll have her heart broken in a million tiny pieces. But she's smart and clever and knows how to hide the cracks. Oh, Come Off It! hides behind that cute, sunny, friendly voice, only to show the hurt that clouds over. Singer/songwriter Ashley Moffat twists and turns around the bumps and bruises with bittersweet humour ("Sick of Lovin' You"), then shows her vulnerability with "In The Theatre." This six-song EP is the second release from the road-hugging Moffat and features Halifax musicians Benn Ross, Lukas Pearse, Dave Chisholm and Dale Murray. Rumour has it the little girl is growing up and recording a long-player this time round. And while I hope Little Miss Moffat meets a nice boy and falls hearts and flowers in love, broken hearts always make for great songs, as Oh, Come Off It proves all too well. (Independent)