Little Girls Tambourine / Thrills

Little GirlsTambourine / Thrills
Originally the solo project of Pirate/Rock's Josh McIntyre, Little Girls have evolved into a full-on band just in time to capitalize on all of the drooling blogs they've attracted. The Toronto, ON band have released two EPs recently: Tambourine (which grabs "Youth Tunes" and "Venom" from their Captured Tracks single) is the first in a digital series by Paper Bag Records, while Thrills is a sold-out twelve-inch and digital EP for Brooklyn's burgeoning Mexican Summer label (catch them live and you can grab a conveniently compiled CD-R of both called Audition). Little Girls' allure is in the lo-fi production and while it might be everywhere you turn in 2009, such modest means flatter the band's untidy bedroom post-punk sound. McIntyre's atonal melodies and muddy vocals converge with clanging guitar chords and hypnotic, looped rhythms. It's not exactly a novel idea - seeing as Blank Dogs trot the same path and Warsaw did it 30 years prior - but Little Girls' surges of pop genius suggest they won't have to settle for worship from just the underground. (Paper Bag / Mexican Summer)