Little City "Sperry" / "We're Breaking Up Again This Christmas"

Little City 'Sperry' / 'We're Breaking Up Again This Christmas'
Little City's pop folk sensibilities have drawn in sometimes-members from the likes of Ohbijou and the Wooden Sky. Now, the Toronto indie collective are releasing a brand new single, for the tracks "Sperry" and "Capt. Kendall."

The group will be celebrating the new release with a live-streamed show at Toronto's 918 Bathurst on January 21, when the single will be released on seven-inch and digitally. For now, though, you can grab a download of "Sperry" here.

Little City also pop up on Sound Vat's free Christmas compilation If Jesus Had Been Born in Canada, He Would Have Needed More Swaddling Clothes performing "We're Breaking Up Again This Christmas." The festive offering can be downloaded for free over here.

Little City have yet to announce all the details of the live stream, which is being put together by PlugTO.