Little City "Arms Around a Picture"

Little City 'Arms Around a Picture'
Toronto folk pop collective Little City will independently release their new seven-inch on Tuesday (January 24), gathering up the tracks "Sperry" and "Capt. Kendall." For the digital release of the single, the band have also collected a handful of bonus tracks, including the climactic folk rocker "Arms Around a Picture."

The track begins with a cappella vocals before turning into a sparse acoustic ballad and eventually swelling to an electrified climax with noise-soaked guitars and a group-shouted refrain. Listen for yourself below.

In a statement, Little City member Shaun Axani had this to say about "Arms Around a Picture":

We thought of it as a "C" side to "Capt. Kendall," and is one of four bonus songs that come with the single. The song was meant to sound like a nursery rhyme, until we decided to include a long instrumental interlude. It was something we wrote purely for us, unsure if many other people would really like it. 

Anissa Hart (Ohbijou) makes some crazy cello noises in the song, Peter Krpan (ex Wooden Sky/Moneen) is hitting many various walls/drums/metal serving trays, and almost everyone who helped us with our recordings partake in the group chant at the end of the song.

The expanded version of the single also includes the song "Yonder," plus acoustic versions of "Bright Glow" and "Hard to See."

To celebrate their new recorded effort, Little City will be playing a release show in Toronto at 918 Bathurst on Saturday (January 21), and the show will be streamed live by PlugTO so anyone can watch it all go down.  

Arms Around A Picture by littlecity