Little Boots "Stuck On Repeat"

Little Boots "Stuck On Repeat"
From now until January 13, I'll be featuring my favourite tracks of 2008, some of which have already appeared in Click Hear throughout the year, some of which haven't.

Originally posted on May 29, 2008:
There's not a whole hell of a lot to say about Little Boots. Other than being the nickname for Caligula, this Little Boots is simply Blackpool native Victoria Hesketh from the now defunct all-girl indie dance pop group Dead Disco, who were set to release their debut album on 679 (Annie, Futureheads, the Streets) this year. Oh, and her infectious single was produced by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard. Now are you interested?

You should be because this unsigned gem has had the tongues of bloggers wagging for the past couple months with a debut that combines the glamorous aural style of Kylie and the classic production flourishes of Giorgio Moroder, and despite it's rather hi-fi gloss could outshine Glass Candy on The Best Dance Album Ever... For People Who Don't Actually Dance to Dance Music.

The single follows a pace not unlike Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" - no doubt a blueprint for the aptly titled "Stuck On Repeat" - with Goddard stretching the oscillating synths, fucking with the EQs and keeping a steady electro-sliding beat. How this wasn't produced by Richard X I have no idea but it's a single of the year candidate for sure.

Apparently, Little Boots is currently working with Greg Kurstin of jazz pop group the Bird and the Bee along with Geggy Tah on the full-length. That should be interesting (read: uh oh).

Little Boots "Stuck On Repeat"

Victoria performing "Stuck On Repeat" with a Tenori-On