Litany For The Whale Dolores

It didn't seem possible but Litany For The Whale have managed to pull off the impossible on debut effort Dolores - they've created something new, engaging and truly weird. Blending Fantõmas' distorted cacophony with the Refused's progressive post-punk and Motörhead's gritty underbelly, the album's seven tracks range from the straightforward punch of "A Wake" to the sprawling dirge of "Die Alone, Unloved" and the eerie ebb and flow of "Rotting On The Shoreline." The end result is prog-punk without succumbing to the trappings of losing all sense of melody. The disc also embraces enough metallic thrust to be weighty yet still maintains its abrasive modern hardcore edge. It might be unusual but it's certainly memorable, and at a succinct 23 minutes it's delivered with raspy production that manages to bolster the apocalyptic fury of this oddity. Dolores is an impressive starting point for a bunch of brats from California. (TDB Records, MolSook, Perpetual Motion Machine)