Listen to Woodhands' Remorsecapade Now on

Listen to Woodhands' <i>Remorsecapade</i> Now on
It's hard to believe that almost two years have passed since the release of Woodhands' Heart Attack. While we've been yearning for an updated dance party, the Toronto, ON dance rock duo of Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt have been busy toiling away on its follow-up, Remorsecapade, a record that's louder, faster and bolder than its predecessor. The album dropped via Paper Bag Records on January 26 and now will be streaming on all week.

You can listen to Remorsecapade right now in its entirety here.

On Heart Attack, Woodhands turned heads with their sex-obsessed lyrics and sweat-inducing beats. Now, they've focused on that uncomfortable and anxious end stage of a relationship, but instead of getting all mopey, the pair get you out of your lonely love seat, smack you a couple of times, and force you to have yourself a super-aware dance party

In an Exclaim! interview, Banwatt explains their latest motive, saying, "Practically all dance music is about sex, but it's so superficial. Our music is an emotionally invested version of that. Why can't the dance floor be packed with all the confusing feelings that go along with sex? Why can't it have all that emotional content? It gets deeper and heavier, and you get a dance party that's more interesting, and it's not literally about human bodies bumping against each other."

Werb wrote most of the lyrics in a remorseful light and put the music to upbeat, yet sturdy, structures. But according to him, he can only write about one subject: girls. So, on this album, he tried to expand his boundaries by putting them into different environments, with, for example, "CP24" having a Toronto base, while "I Should Have Gone with My Friends" goes down in a gritty nightclub.

Remorsecapade is full of captivating hooks and breakdowns that will no doubt make any fan at any of their upcoming live shows shake with excitement. And if not, the promised addition of a laser and dramatic opening sequence should do the trick.

Remorsecapade will be streaming on until February 8.