Listen to Wolf Parade's Expo 86 Now on

Listen to Wolf Parade's <i>Expo 86</i> Now on
After kicking up a storm with their 2005 debut LP Apologies to the Queen Mary, helter-skelter Montreal quartet Wolf Parade became quite the busy bees. Between then and now, the band members have released a vast collection of studio LPs - seven, to be precise - and yet only one of them was released under the Wolf Parade banner. Nevertheless, both Wolf Parade records to date have been absolute stunners, mostly because the band members seem to understand that by taking time off, they can return to their day job with a heart full of inspiration and head full of new song ideas.

Such is the case with new LP Expo 86 which is now streaming all week right here at

Officially due out on June 29 via Sub Pop, Expo 86 is an exercise in band growth. Though the band's trademark sound remains intact, the group have opted for a more spontaneous method of recording, and the result is a looser, more lively version of the Wolf Parade you know and love. The album was recorded mostly live over a whirlwind two-week recording period with Howard Bilerman at Hotel2Tango in Montreal.

Last month's leaked album tracks and live favourites "What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)" and "Oh You, Old Thing" were peepholes into Expo 86, on which the band showcases a newfound love for all things synthesized, but why rely on just a few tracks?

Expo 86 will be streaming on until June 28, so get your listening fill now while you still can.

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Parkway Drive Deep Blue June 29 to July 5