Listen to Wiley's '100% Publishing' Now on

Listen to Wiley's '100% Publishing' Now on
London-based rapper and producer Wiley has released six impressive albums since emerging in 1997. Best known for helping to popularize the grime sound in in the mid-2000s, Wiley's inimitable energy and dedication to the craft have allowed him to transcend the fleeting nature of buzzed genres. Now, he will prove he's as relevant today as ever before with the release of his new album 100% Publishing.

The release is out now in Europe and will be available in stores on July 19 in North America via Big Dada. But until then, you can stream the album here on

100% Publishing sees the artist born Richard Cowie return to Big Dada after four years of work outside the label. In that time, he managed to release three studio albums. That tireless work ethic comes through on this release in spades.

With the exception of one brief guest vocalist, the entire album was written, performed and produced by the grime MC himself.

100% Publishing will be streaming on until July 4.