Listen to Matthew Good's New Album Now at

Listen to Matthew Good's New Album Now at
While certainly Canadian, Matthew Good is distinguished by an unmistakeable brashness and penchant for controversy not typically associated with those from our home and native land. His albums are earnest and straightforward, most notably on his 2008 release Hospital Music, in which he delved deeply into his psyche to create an album that was as sincere as it was thoroughly cathartic. Having faced his demons, Good has returned with Vancouver, which is streaming on all week.

You can hear the new album in its entirety by clicking here.

Inspired by his hometown Vancouver and the way in which the city has shaped his character and his worldview, the album will be self-released on October 6 and distributed by Universal Records. The record was laid down at Vancouver's Warehouse Studio, where Good recorded the majority of his previous solo albums.

Pete Yorn guests on the track "The Vancouver National Anthem," but the rest of the album is played largely by Good's long-time session band, helping the songwriter create what the press release calls his most "coherent, enduring, and indelibly appreciable work to date."

Matthew Good will begin his gargantuan tour of Canada on November 5. You can see all the tour dates here. In the meantime, Vancouver is streaming at until October 12.